Kids to College

Kids to College

Community Assistance Center is proud to partner with Entergy for the Kids to College program! As a corporate leader and service provider, Entergy believes in the dreams of the families we serve. Everyone deserves the opportunity to continue their education, and together we are partnering with families to help make those dreams a reality.


What is a Child Savings Account?

A Child Savings Account is a savings account designed specifically for postsecondary education. CSAs allow families to put money away to start saving for their children to attend two- or four-year college, trade school or technical school. When a family plans for their child’s future by setting aside funds for college, the child is four times more likely to complete a degree.

How does it work?

Through my529, you can open an account free of charge, invest your savings and watch it grow. Once the beneficiary has reached 18 years of age, the money can be used for tuition and other qualified expenses.

Am I eligible?

Eligible families will automatically receive Entergy’s $50 starting contribution when you open the account. Kids to College match participants must meet the following eligibility criteria:
• Child is 16 years of age or younger.
• Family is an Entergy customer.
• Family has an annual income at or below $52,000 for single-earner households and $60,000 for dual-earner households.
• Family opens a my529 account for a child or multiple children in the household (one account per child).

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