About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Providing resources to meet basic needs and improve quality of life for our neighbors in Montgomery County. 

At the Community Assistance Center, we build strong relationships with our clients and their families by doing an individualized assessment of their specific needs during a time of instability. We access community resources, establish recovery goals, and provide opportunities to learn valuable workforce skills to create a stronger foundation for our clients to support themselves and their families.

Community Assistance Center has proudly served Montgomery County since 1981. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) social services organization that provides basic needs services and long-term case management to individuals and families throughout Montgomery County who are struggling through times of financial hardships. Community Assistance Center relies on community partnerships and support to improve the lives of our neighbors in need. Life challenges can happen to any one of us, such as job loss, separation of households, medical issues and more. For some people, the financial impact of these events can hinder their ability to provide even basic care for themselves and their families. Community Assistance Center provides essential assistance programs, services and resources to help stabilize their situation during these difficult times by providing basic needs and long-term solutions which lead to happier, healthier lives.

We Provide

Our case managers use a “care team” approach to develop a roadmap of individualized services and resources to help families recover and regain stability.


rent/mortgage assistance, utilities assistance, emergency shelter vouchers, ID Restoration services, prescription services, back to school assistance, transportation vouchers, food, clothing, education, and disaster recovery.


one-time emergencies to long-term individualized support.


“HAND UP Program” is a goal-setting and training initiative for permanent recovery and stability.


CAC believes in establishing a “care team” approach to engage on-going support and assistance from family, friends, and communities of faith and other services.

Through our community partnerships, our case managers are able to develop a roadmap of services which strengthen and leverage the support provided to our clients. CAC’s success is a result of clients working hard and being committed to reaching goals that make lasting changes in their lives.



CAC is a source of hope for Montgomery County residents experiencing financial crisis in basic needs of housing, utilities, food and clothing. Strengthened through collaboration with community and faith partners, we honor and restore the dignity of individuals and families to attain greater levels of responsibility and financial independence, by delivering assistance and life lasting strategic solutions.


Emergency Assistance

Providing temporary financial assistance to qualifying clients for rent or mortgage, utilities, prescriptions, or childcare. Payments are made on behalf of families experiencing an unexpected financial crisis or need.

Preventative Assistance

Our preventative services program keeps families housed and self-sufficient beyond their crisis. Enrolled families receive supported housing, case management, life skills education, job readiness, and follow up services.


Emergency Response

CAC goes beyond the “Band-Aid” to provide emergency assistance in times of crisis. Even when situations fall outside of our scope of services, we do our best to leverage other resources and community partnerships to meet the clients’ existing needs.

Client Focused

CAC provides individualized supported services.

Community Education

CAC is committed to building bridges and forging relationships in our community that not only benefit society as a whole, but each individual or entity involved.

Community Assistance Center works to empower our neighbors with knowledge that will move them towards the goal of self-sufficiency. CAC offers many opportunities to grow and learn through our programs and services along with those provided by our community partners. Education opportunities include:

  • Counseling
  • Financial Literacy
  • Life Skills
  • Nutrition
  • Parenting Skills
  • Job Skills

Holistic Services

Clients are assessed and encouraged to work with a case manager to develop an individualized plan that includes goal setting and identifying strategies to leverage resources to improve their lives.


“You can do it. CAC is here to help! Helping families help themselves.”


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